10 June 2011

Spending most of my days, tidying my room.

001- Over the past few days I have spent hours upon hours tidying my floordrobe. It was hideous, I will never let it get so messy again, well I always say this, but when im in a 'what to wear' crisis, it gets ruined :(

002- Now I have my life back I can do some art and comment on the lovely blogs I follow.
Please follow my lovely, lovely friend Alice - she is new to blogging, and I can tell its a good one already! Thankyou!
003- I need this bikini, I spotted it on tumblr, checked the shops and online asap, and they're all sold out..... bad luck!
Occasionally they come back into stock, now I am eagerly waiting!!!!

Also I have twitter- follow me....if you really want!

Ellie xoxo


  1. I love that bikini top :) my clothes usually end up in piles everywhere to I hate hanging stuff up! X

  2. Ah, I love your bedroom! It's so cosy looking.

    That bikini looks really cute, I want, hehe.


  3. Your room is lovely - LOVE those old beams! x


Thank-you for the comment, I enjoy reading every one of them XOXO