27 February 2011

Sunday Selection 06

001- Hey! Just a short post as I better get revising for my exam on Wednesday! Thanks for the recent followers only 8 to go till 100! Thankyou!!!! I will deffinately be doing a giveaway- I'm excited! Pictures off tumblr, but the last one is me!  Enjoy :)

Ellie xoxo

24 February 2011

Above your anger, and above your lies

001- Hey everyone, just a photo post! I am heading to reach 100 followers soon(ish) Thank you everyone for all of the comments and follows, they are much appreciated, when I get to 100 followers I'm hoping to do a giveaway :)

Ellie xoxo

22 February 2011

Totally different minds...

001- Here is the outfit post, yes its mainly just of the top, I know..  I got this velvet top from a charity shop yesterday it was only £3 and underneath I'm wearing a collared blouse from Topshop. I also bought a skinny tan belt and a polka-dot chiffon blouse.  Charity shops these days are great for finding different items, and they are unbelievably cheap!! 

002- I NEED THIS DRESS...(this one) I just think its really pretty and would go with anything, it would be so simple to wear, but look really great! I want, need, have to have it, even though I have no money whatsoever!

003- Last night I went out to my friend Lucy's house for a meal, it was so lovely, it was just us girls and we had had a laugh and a great time. This holidays I am so busy, I have been out and about, but I just don't seem to have much spare time on my hands... Oh well, I have been having a good time! I hope you have all been having a great holiday??

Ellie xoxo

21 February 2011


001-  Hello, I'm seriously so, so busy, I'm now about to go out, and I have so much planned for the rest of the hols!! Tomorrow I'm going to try on my bridesmaid dress, how exciting!! I will deffienatly be posting tomorrow, because I got some new things today! Here are some random pictures of me, and my friend doing ballet! Anyway catch ya soon! 

Ellie xoxo

20 February 2011

Sunday Selection 05

001-  Sorry its late posting on a Sunday but gotta post just before 12!! Here are my choice of photos, these are off tumblr, but let me know if they are yours and I will credit, I will defiantly post tomorrow(an outfit post) Sorry for such a short post but, I have been out tonight! X

Ellie xoxo

13 February 2011

Sunday Selection 04


001- So basically just another Sunday photo post, I love rings and want all of these, they are beautiful, I bought another ring today, I'm obsessed about them and not ashamed of it!

002- Today I went shopping but I only bought some jewelery as I am saving up as you may know now, but still I have not enough money...

Ellie xoxo

10 February 2011

Quilted Jacket!!

001- Hello! This is my new coat which I spent the money I saved on, which I really shouldn't have! Its from asos and cost me £55 its really warm! Its khaki and has brown leather detailing, and check lining, I also love the buttons!!

002- I took some pictures today of my friends ballet as its part of my art project, here are a couple of snaps I took.

Ellie xoxo

7 February 2011


Dress- New look- £74.99

001- Hello this is my new(ish)dress I got for Christmas, my grandma bought it for me, this is what I wore when I went out for a meal with my friends the other day. I really love it, its so heavy and delicate because of all the beading, but so pretty!

002- So... I accidently spent the money I saved up for Latitude I bought this coat from asos in khaki, I really like it, and I guess I will just have to start over again on the saving.

003-  I am thinking of selling alot of my things on eBay, to also help me save for Lats, I will let you know though, I will do a post on it sometime soon!

Ellie xoxo

6 February 2011

Sunday Selection 03

All from tumblr + weheartit
001- I love doing photo post, I seem to have so many saved on my computer because there is so many lovely pictures out there, yes, I love the moving one..  haha!

002- I went out for a meal with my friends last night, but sorry, I didnt manage to get a picture in my outfit, but I'm sure I will show you sometime soon, as I love it.. Alot!!!

003- P.S I just want to say a big thank you to Lydia for putting me in one of posts, please check out her blog, she is lovely!

Enjoy the pictures... Ellie xoxo

4 February 2011

Its going to be lonely...

crochet top-vintage
studded denim shorts- topshop
striped tights-topshop

001- Hello! Sorry I haven't posted for a while... I really just haven't had any time, I have had such a bad day! I lost an item I have already sold on eBay- I know its so, so bad!  

002- My style always seems to change depending on what mood I'm in.. But I love these shorts and tights! Sorry I didn't take a close up of my rings. I also apologise for some of the weird faces I'm pulling. And yes, my thighs do look pretty big...

003- Tomorrow night I am going out for a meal for my friends birthday so I will probably show you what I wore on Sunday morning,   guess I'll speak to you then!

Ellie xoxo