29 March 2011

Red. Lace. Dress.

001- Outfit post :) I got this dress at the weekend with only £15 on me, I found this and it was exactly £15, from Primark, but I am not sure I like it, the red is so bright and I think it looks quite cheap (which it was, haha) There was a lovely ivory cream coloured one, I wish I got that one, but my sister told me off as I have too many cream dresses! So if you go to Primark be sure to look out for this bargain.


Ellie xoxoxox

27 March 2011

Sunday Selection 10

all from weheartit

001- Tattoos!! Quick post, hope you like the photos! 
Giveaway ending soon!!!!!

What tattoos do you want? And where?

Ellie xoxo

22 March 2011


001- I'm even more annoyed now, I just wrote out a post and then it all deleted.. Anyway, I had school today and it was going alright until I found out one of my good friends is moving away, I will really miss him as he is moving really far! Other than that school still wasn't 'great'.

002-  I'm going dancing in a bit, it seems like I haven't been to a lesson in so long, as I missed a few recently due to being in London and recovering from party's.. haha!

003- Please could you leave a comment on what I could change about my blog, or add like a monthly/weekly post on something?! Any ideas would be much appreciated, then I will be showing you what you want to see on my blog!!

Ellie xoxo

20 March 2011

Sunday Selection 09

(All of these pictures are from weheartit ^)
(Here are some of my own pictures of my fave lippys)

001- Todays Sunday Selection is going to be all about lipstick! I love it!  I recently got given loads of new lipsticks unused because the colour wasn't what they wanted, so I'm very lucky!!  Although some of them are dark colours which I wouldn't wear, unless it was in a photo. 

002- I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I went out for a meal last night and had 3 courses, I was so, so full!!! It was lovely though.  

Ellie xoxo

17 March 2011

Floppy Hat + Playsuit = Summer!

001-  Hello! Quick post, I got this playsuit from topshop the other day and it will be perfect for festivals coming up, I cant wait! I went to London yesterday and went to the V&A then covent garden, I had a great time but wish i could of stayed there longer.  I was going to do a few GIFs but I couldnt resize the photo and needed to do a post, but next time there may be GIFs!!!

002- Noticed I have lost a few followers, I am sorry! Promise I will get back on track with my posting! Hope everyones ok!

Ellie xoxo

13 March 2011

Sunday Selection 08 (and 07)


001- Who else is excited for all of the festivals coming up? Which festivals are you wanting to go to? (Sorry for not posting last Sunday!) 

002- You can still enter my giveaway in the post below! 

Ellie xoxo

10 March 2011


001-  Hello everyone- Its giveaway time!!!!!! This is a vintage leather bag, its got some lovely detail, and I hope you like it.  I am so thankful to everyone who is following and for all of the comments on my blog! I love you guys! I'm also sorry I never got round to doing the Sunday Selection post.. I owe you.

002- To enter my giveaway all you need to do is:

1. Make sure your following my blog via blogger/google friend connect
2. Leave your email address in a comment below
3. If you want leave a little comment what you like about my blog/ what I could change.

Please enter :)

I will close this giveaway when I think there is enough entries!
Ellie xoxo

6 March 2011


001- Hello everyone, I will be doing my Sunday Selection photo post later on today, but heres an outfit post, This is what I wore to a party last night, I'm wearing an american flag top, which was only £3 from Primark, and my denim shorts which I always wear! I put dark eyeshadow on because I thought it looked good with the outfit, but I also scare myself with dark eyes haha.

002- THANKS- I now have just over 100 followers and I will be doing a giveaway soon, hopefully it will be up during the week sometime! Thanks again, I appreciate it so, so much!  I try to comment back to everyone aswell! (P.S- I have changed the banner and template etc of my blog, what do you think?)

003- I just want to mention my friend, Daisy Vaughan, she is a great singer and I just want to share some of her music with you-CLICK HERE!

Ellie xoxo

4 March 2011

Seemed like summer...

001- Hello, I haven't done an outfit post in ages, recently I have just been doing some photo posts (sorry!) Well I'm at home tonight, doing nothing unfortunately!  I am 3 followers away from 100!! Hopefully I will sort the giveaway out soon, I'm thinking of giving this bag I got ages ago and don't use, and just put lots of bits and bobs inside it!

002- In this outfit I am wearing my collared Topshop blouse and my floral D.I.Y playsuit/shorts, and a leather tan belt. I thought I had no clothes and outfits but tonight I discovered this new combination! I may wear it when I go out tomorrow night.

003- I had an exam Wednesday, at least its over now and I don't have to revise anymore. I also have a dance exam next weekend, slightly different, but they always seem more stressful than exams in school! I have to go to dancing till half 9 some nights and its so tiring, I will try my hardest to keep posting though... Hope your all well!

Ellie xoxo

1 March 2011

Rings, Room and Art

001- Hello, these pictures are just some random pictures I recently took of my room and some art, those are my leopard print moccasins, I love them but never wear them!

002- Please comment and give me some ideas for what to have for my giveaway, I don't mind what you say, I just want some ideas of what people will want :) Thanks for letting me get to (almost) 100!

003- I'M GOING TO BRASIL- Today my friend has told me I can definitely go! So I'm very happy about that, it will be such a great experience as she has family out there.
P.S I have a science exam tomorrow morning-AHH. 

Ellie xoxo