30 January 2011

Sunday Selection 02

from weheartit and tumblr

001- Hello Sunday!!! Hope everyone has had or having a great weekend, I have been doing almost nothing. Boring me! I'm starting to feel ill again, great...

002- I havent spent money in ages, which is hard for me, Im crap at saving money! But this year I have to go to Latitude, its a local music festival and Im so excited already... Last year I saved about 3 times and each time I spent the money on something!! Wish me luck...

Ellie xoxo

28 January 2011

crochet, velvet lace, crochet, velvet, lace

001- I had the day off school today, I really didn't want to go in, after hours of faking to be sick, I really did start to feel ill! Im not to ill but I feel 'under the weather'

002- On the bright side...I got some art done!! There is still a ton more, but I have the weekend for that! I'm starting a new project but I cant start it until I finish all of my old work, which I'm rather disappointed about!!

003- The outfit, well, the top used to be this old velvet cape thing, then I cut it up and it turned it to this. The collar is a doily cut up and I have sewn on strips of fabric to tie it together, I used a little lace bow for a finishing touch on it. Underneath I'm wearing my plain black lace dress!

004- Some exciting news.... I should be going to Brazil in April, with my best friend, Chione, as she has family out there!! Ahh, I cant wait!

Ellie xoxo

26 January 2011

Overload of art

001- Hello!! Sorry this is so boring! I will hopefully do an outfit post tomorrow... But I have so much art coursework to complete, (WAY TOO MUCH) when, if I finally complete some I may post some on here,  it will not be too soon though!

002- I don't know if im the only one, but I don't ever want people from my school to look at my blog (apart from friends) I just get embarrassed and paranoid! Ahhhh, does anyone else feel like this? I think it may just be me, im rather self-concious and paranoid..

003- Its nothing compared to alot of bloggers, but I now have 20 followers! Thanks for reading and following:)

Ellie xoxo

23 January 2011

Sunday Selection 01

from weheartit and tumblr

Hope everyone is having a lazy and lovely Sunday! I am going to start doing this as a weekly Sunday photo post, I hope its a success and people will enjoy looking through the selection of images.
I have a ton of art homework to do, so I better get going!!!
P.S Isnt the boy the cutest...

Ellie xoxo

20 January 2011

Animal print + stripes?!

001- I'm still not sure on this shirt although I have had it for a while now... For a start I got it too big, it doesn't look big in this but trust me, it is! I just don't know if its right, or what to wear it with. Ahhh, hopefully one day I will find something it look fab with!

002- On Tuesday I had a dance show, only a little one, for hip-hop. I do freestyle, contempary, tap and hip-hop, I love dancing so much and I do a show every year. I also do exams, not my strong point, nervous as I have one in March, in fact i have two!! 

003- Wednesday i went to watch Swan Lake ballet at Norwich Theatre, I loved it. All of the dancers were great and so memorising! If you ever get the opportunity to go see this, take it! 

Ellie xoxo

17 January 2011


Hi, I'm  Ellie, this is my fist proper post to introduce myself, I'm hoping to post regularly on this blog, which will consist of outift posts, insprational ideas, and photo posts like a scrapbook sort of diary. Im always browsing at other blogs and I have seen alot of great ones!!

Hope everyone is well and have a great new year so far!!!
Ellie xoxo