25 April 2011

(Monday) Sunday Selection 12

001- Hey guys! This post is royal wedding inspired, there is so much tacky shit, but I think its great, I'm not afraid to show my Kate and Will mug...

Ellie xoxo

17 April 2011

Sunday Selection 11


001- I have been a very bad person when it comes to S.S posts... I haven't done one in 2-3weeks, yet it is my 'weekly post ', all I can say is SORRY XXXX

002- This post is tribal/aztec inspired, I really like clothing with these prints on, looks great with denim shorts, I have seen some nice aztec print tops in Topshop, check them out!

Ellie xoxo

16 April 2011

Pretty Hair


001- First picture has to be my fave! I love wavy hair, I got a perm last year, and I really liked it although it dried my hair out, I am going to get another before 'the real summer' starts... Can't wait. But, HOW should I get my haircut? I NEED a change!? 

Ellie xoxo

15 April 2011

Back... Finally!

001-  Hello!!!!!! I am alive, sorry, I'm not even going to ramble on forever about how I havent blogged in ages, its pointless, I have a ton of excuses!

002- Did anyone watch eastenders?! Woah crazy, some shit is going down!!  I don't even watch it often but my sister is always watching it, so I seem to occasionally.

003- HAIRSTYLES.... I really, really, really, want to change my hair, I have booked an appointment for next Saturday, tomorrow I will do a post on hairstyles, espesh olsen twins, I am in love with their hair, many others im sure will agree!
What do you think I should get done?!?!?!!?