5 June 2011


001- I know, I know...I havent blogged in so, so long, I also know for a fact my posting isnt going to be regular for a while due to exams and lots of art coursework! Sorry about that, but otherwise I will fail everything.

002- Today I got back from a little camping trip, I go every summer a couple of times, with my friend. I love going, its so relaxing and luckily the weather was beautiful... on the downside at the campsite the toilets and showers are disgusting- oh well.  The first night we went, we decided to dye my friend chione's hair, this was pretty stressful for me as I had never dyed hair- and didnt want it to go wrong, although it was straightforward.  We also went to the beach, and on a long bike ride. Overall I had a lovely time away!

003- I was contemplating on ombreing my hair, so I did a test streak, which I didnt leave on quite long enough. But afterall I have decided I will leave my hair for now, I might get some highlights done for summer though!

Its nice to be back blogging again, missed some of your lovely blogs!
Ellie xoxo


  1. i love camping, sounds like you had a god time!:)

  2. You look like Kate Middleton in the second from last one haha! Looks like you had a fab time camping, good luck with your exams Xxx

  3. just found your blog and have to say that i love your style! so great photos :) following >>

  4. New follower, great blog! Xxxamy


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