8 July 2011

Denim + Lace

001- I finished my work experience today, I wish I could carry on forever, it was like a dream, everywhere was so lovely, and the staff were so friendly. I wasn't even meant to be paid, but the owner gave me £30 and a thank-you card.  Tomorrow I will return and give her flowers! I feel so friendly! ahaha.

002- I may wear something like this for Lats at night. I am wearing my classic denim cut offs, a Black lace bralet, and a mink cardigan. Also wearing my big black stone ring, from Topshop. Tomorrow I am going to the city and hoping to purchase some wedges similar to llymlrs's seen here.

Ellie xoxo

7 July 2011

Floral Fest.

001- I am already apologising about a bit of cheek on show, but I love these high-waisted denim cut-offs, from Topshop. I bought them the other day for summer and especially Latitude! I am so excited. I am also wearing a little top I made and using my little, leather rucksack from a holiday in Crete. 

002- I am on work experience at the moment, I am loving it so so much. I'm working at a bridal shop, helping to make bridesmaid dresses and do fittings, its so great. I would love to work in the fashion industry and this is helping me to get a bit of a feel from it. 

Ellie xoxo