6 September 2011

Do you want to go to the seaside

001- I am such a bad blogger, but I have some pictures I will put on soon, from previous things I have done. Anyway I am really sorry, but thankyou too, some of the blogs I read inspire me too carry on blogging.

002- This is the outfit I wore yesterday to go shopping in, I wore a white sheer tunic, from topshop, with a blue jumper on top, tucked into a tan belt. I love this outfit, its casual yet I still feel a bit dressed up. The earings I love, I bought them from Primark the other week, for £2.50.. I think. The belt was just over £2 from a charity shop too.... Bargains!
Ellie xoxo


  1. love this outfit! amazing earrings

    please follow me :) peachessmith.blogspot.com

    xxx Peaches

  2. missed you!!

    Love the sheer tunic looks great xxxx

  3. You are soo beutiful, i love that outfit and your blog too !


  4. This outfit is really cute, gotta love bargains :)

    And you're gorgeous!



Thank-you for the comment, I enjoy reading every one of them XOXO