8 July 2011

Denim + Lace

001- I finished my work experience today, I wish I could carry on forever, it was like a dream, everywhere was so lovely, and the staff were so friendly. I wasn't even meant to be paid, but the owner gave me £30 and a thank-you card.  Tomorrow I will return and give her flowers! I feel so friendly! ahaha.

002- I may wear something like this for Lats at night. I am wearing my classic denim cut offs, a Black lace bralet, and a mink cardigan. Also wearing my big black stone ring, from Topshop. Tomorrow I am going to the city and hoping to purchase some wedges similar to llymlrs's seen here.

Ellie xoxo


  1. So so so jealous your going to Lat! I so want to go :(
    Just catching up on your blog. I hate the fact it doesn't come up on my dash! well...I don't think it does anyway!
    Love the outfit, the shorts are great

  2. Lovely shorts! I really need a pair of them!
    Poppy xx

  3. this outfit is lovely! i have the same shorts but they're so short on my i cant wear them very often, they fit you like a dream though!

    check out my little blog?

  4. Love your blog girlie! Now following!!

    Www.bettylafleur .blogspot.com

  5. love this outfit!
    Peaches xxx


  6. Ellie! I love this so much, you look gorgeous!


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