13 March 2011

Sunday Selection 08 (and 07)


001- Who else is excited for all of the festivals coming up? Which festivals are you wanting to go to? (Sorry for not posting last Sunday!) 

002- You can still enter my giveaway in the post below! 

Ellie xoxo


  1. fun photos! We have our last "summer" festival before it really gets cold this weekend, I kinda totally cant wait

  2. best pick of pictures loving the second one especially need a fish eye lomo stat!


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  3. 1st two photos are awsome love how they are slightly blurry!

  4. LEEDS!

    I can not wait, still got to get the tickets yet but, eeeeee im SO excitd too!
    i've been all summery this week, trying shorts and sunnie on in my room ^^ hehe!

  5. amazing photos, especially 2nd pic!
    im still trying to get coachella tickets!


  6. im off to my fourth glastonbury and cannot wait! :) x

  7. Oh festivals are THE BEST thing about summer! I'm so excited. I might be going to Reading. and I'm defiantly going to Big chill festival! I think my blogger is messing up cause i haven't seen your posts on my blog dashboard in aaaages thats why i haven't been commenting! Hmm hopefully it sorts itself out cause i hate missing your posts xoxo

  8. Always love a good festival inspired post! Summer festival season is pretty much over in Australia, but luckily I'll be jetted off to Glastonbury for the European summer. So excited!


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