1 March 2011

Rings, Room and Art

001- Hello, these pictures are just some random pictures I recently took of my room and some art, those are my leopard print moccasins, I love them but never wear them!

002- Please comment and give me some ideas for what to have for my giveaway, I don't mind what you say, I just want some ideas of what people will want :) Thanks for letting me get to (almost) 100!

003- I'M GOING TO BRASIL- Today my friend has told me I can definitely go! So I'm very happy about that, it will be such a great experience as she has family out there.
P.S I have a science exam tomorrow morning-AHH. 

Ellie xoxo


  1. Ahhhh, I love your room so much! I'm very jel! Sorry I can't be any help on the giveaway front.. I'm trying to think of one myself! xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Love the rings and loafers!

  3. love it, so perfect


  4. why dont you wear those shoes? so cute!

  5. lovely photos, and your artworks mint- id love to see more ;)
    Those moccasins are gorgeous ..
    I also had science exams today, pfft :)

  6. UHHHHHHHHHHHH. your room is in the attic, i am so so jealous. i have been begging my mum (well not so much begging but y'know) to get the attic all cleaned and get a window with the bench across (heaven!). i would love it!
    oh my i love your ring selection so much! and your artwork is really good!


Thank-you for the comment, I enjoy reading every one of them XOXO