26 January 2011

Overload of art

001- Hello!! Sorry this is so boring! I will hopefully do an outfit post tomorrow... But I have so much art coursework to complete, (WAY TOO MUCH) when, if I finally complete some I may post some on here,  it will not be too soon though!

002- I don't know if im the only one, but I don't ever want people from my school to look at my blog (apart from friends) I just get embarrassed and paranoid! Ahhhh, does anyone else feel like this? I think it may just be me, im rather self-concious and paranoid..

003- Its nothing compared to alot of bloggers, but I now have 20 followers! Thanks for reading and following:)

Ellie xoxo


  1. Does it say I'm following now?? Cause i most defiantly am!! I love your blog. And your room wooow it's lovely. I know exactly how you feel I don't post anything about my blog on twitter cause i know people from my school have twitter. I haven't even told my friends about it :/ is that bad hahaha? oh well. good luck with your art xx

  2. Thanks, NO:( it doesnt.. unfollow and then follow maybe!?
    Yeah, well I told a close friend, and then someone got it I followed them, then unfollowed because someone posted on formspring 'NICE BLOGSPOT LOL'.... now paranoid!

  3. same with the art coursework, so much! ahh. and i know people from my school read it and it's really embarrassing, and my mum! hahah xx

  4. it's worked!! woohoo finally. Ah i know what you mean, Well your blog is good so i don't see why people would say NICE BLOGSPOT LOL. So i wouldn't worry :)

  5. I'm terrified of the day someone I know in real life finds out about my blog! I think it's partly because they aren't aware of how popular blogging is and would think I was a right nutter for chatting to people online, and partly because I see it as my escape from the people I know in real life. I'm forever hoping they never find it!xx

  6. Lovely photo, I have a top like that! I'm the same about people from school knowing about my blog which is why I don't post it on my facebook page. I'm not embarrassed of my blog because I love doing it but I get paranoid that they'll think I'm superficial or something!!!

    Hannah xx

  7. love the second photo!
    and when i was featured in sugar magazine all my years younger sisters read it (damnnnn!!!)
    and so everyone seems to know and a load of people i know read it which is quite interesting...
    and i've been bullied for it and had a lot of abuse for my blog, but at the end of the day i have 1,700 followers and 268,000 hits for something so i'm carrying on! :)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  8. I'm a photographer ! Check out my blog :)
    http://naouelphotography.blogspot.com !:)

    PS : You follow my blog , I follow yours and share it :)

  9. Is that your room! If so, I'm madly jealous! It looks lovely and so do you, of course! x

  10. only a few of my close friends know about mine and they're the ones either with blogs themselves or ones who 'get' the whole fashion/blogging thing.
    so i totally understand!

  11. i was once shy of my blog and i got a few mean comments (anonymous of course) from people i knew in real life, but then i just kept on posting and my blog became more popular and then it all stopped. you just prevent anonymous comments and keep on blogging. don't care what other people think just do!!

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  12. love your jumper! so so cute

  13. cute pics and I love that jumper :)

  14. OMG.
    okay so the sixth form I go to, I literally can't stand a lot of people there, their all soooo snobby and basically up their own ass', so if they saw my blog, I think I would literally just be soo pissed off looooooooool!!!
    I love blogging its like a whole different world init?
    is that me being sad or.... do people actually know what I'm talking about when I say that? ahahhaha

    Pretty pics btw chick :) x

  15. congrats on the followers :) love your jumper! and yes i am still mortified when people i know in real life find out about my blog. i didn't even tell my boyfriend until like three months ago when he came across it on my laptop!! haha, im such a loser xx

  16. I know I don't want people I know to read my blog. Far too embarrassing! I want to be able to talk about anything on my blog and be comfortable :)

  17. congratulations! I love your outfit! I know what uyou mnean, I'm extremely self conscious and paranoid but your blog's great so no need to worry!! :)


  18. totally agree with all that

    snowed under with art coursework, spent my whole saturday doing it :(

    no one knows about my blog and i don't want them to as its not really what people i know do, if you get me?

    and i'm also on 20 followers, an achievment for little old me ;)



  19. I feel exactly the same! The only person I've told I have a blog is my mum, I'd be so embarassed if anyone from school were to see it!


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