20 January 2011

Animal print + stripes?!

001- I'm still not sure on this shirt although I have had it for a while now... For a start I got it too big, it doesn't look big in this but trust me, it is! I just don't know if its right, or what to wear it with. Ahhh, hopefully one day I will find something it look fab with!

002- On Tuesday I had a dance show, only a little one, for hip-hop. I do freestyle, contempary, tap and hip-hop, I love dancing so much and I do a show every year. I also do exams, not my strong point, nervous as I have one in March, in fact i have two!! 

003- Wednesday i went to watch Swan Lake ballet at Norwich Theatre, I loved it. All of the dancers were great and so memorising! If you ever get the opportunity to go see this, take it! 

Ellie xoxo


  1. wow totally love your print mixing! thanks for your sweet comment too :) now following you!

    The Flower Girl


  2. hiya just found your blog! this coat is loverrrly, hoping fur coats will be a staple foreverandeverr :) xx

  3. Today is the second time I've seen this mix and it really is fantastic!, proves to a garment to see how it is. a kiss.

  4. Love the shirt, I've been looking for something similar for about a year!
    I did ballet for about 14 years and tap for a little while :) xx

  5. I saw the title of your blog and I just had to check it out. I LOVE the Beatles! Your outfit is great, and I love those socks.

  6. The animal print looks great with the shirt. I know what you mean about the sizing though, I have the same shirt and although it's only one size too big it drowns me and almost puts me off wearing it. Looks great here though.
    Love your blog.

  7. loving the leopard print faux fur coat!!!
    I think the stripes and animal print combo go well together :)

    go you on the hip hop dancing haha :D !!!!!!!!!!

  8. your stunning! and i love the coat with the knee high socks (sexy much?)
    i've always wanted to go and see swan lake. i'm by no means a dancer.. but i love the theatre. maybe i'll keep my eye on this for the future and see when its next showing at manchester :)
    big love
    jess xxxx

  9. such a good post, that shirt is so good aswell as those socks - i love that trend atm

    im having an Alexander Wang esque studded bag giveaway that ends soon if you want to check it out hon xx

  10. love it! ahh, that coat looks so lovely!

    am following! check out my blog?

    FLossie xx

  11. i LOVEEEEE the jacket, and the shirts awsome too!
    check out my blog, i have a similar style to you i think :)
    ive followed you by the way! love the blog :)

  12. Really love this look, i like the clashing prints x

  13. you may say that you don't like the shirt, but it honestly looks AMAZING! and the way the stripes/leopard print clashes is gorrrrrgeous!

    i'm a new follower, please check out my blog :-)


  14. That is beautiful coat!

    Cait x

  15. i found your blog by hazard and i like it :)
    your room is just w.o.w. and the print mixing really looks superb on you :) really like it :)
    and please keep the shirt!!!
    i'm also new here and maybe you want to check out my blog as well :)

    XOXO from germany ♥


  16. I love your hair down here, gorgeous and I hope you find a way you like to wear the tunic/blouse as it is really nice x


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