15 April 2011

Back... Finally!

001-  Hello!!!!!! I am alive, sorry, I'm not even going to ramble on forever about how I havent blogged in ages, its pointless, I have a ton of excuses!

002- Did anyone watch eastenders?! Woah crazy, some shit is going down!!  I don't even watch it often but my sister is always watching it, so I seem to occasionally.

003- HAIRSTYLES.... I really, really, really, want to change my hair, I have booked an appointment for next Saturday, tomorrow I will do a post on hairstyles, espesh olsen twins, I am in love with their hair, many others im sure will agree!
What do you think I should get done?!?!?!!?


  1. glad your back i deffs missed you.

    look lovely as evs!

    Im so not the best person to comment about hair mines been the same for about 8 years, but you must post pictures of your new style. xxx

  2. oh my goodness you are so pretty! im actually shocked by how nice your face is. i want it!
    i need a hair change too :/ xx

  3. Know what you mean about hairstyles-i would give anything for olsen-esque hair but its never going to happen for me! Good luck on your quest though!;) +you are honestly so pretty-craziness!!xxx

  4. You look gorgeous in this photo.

    I am crazy about the Olsen twins hair as well, I am in the proces of growing mine 'Very Long'. Bit boring, but I'm also getting the tips ombred next week to have a bit of a change as well!

    I think you'd look great with shoulder length hair, but if you're anything like me, it takes A LOT of courage to chop my hair all off, hehe.


  5. Gorgeous picture hun, so naturally pretty.
    Are you thinking blonde like the Olsens? I love your darker hair! Always good to try new things though. x

  6. prettyyyy!


  7. ♥I love your blog so much.)) ♥

  8. I know exactly what you mean about hairstyles! A change would be tremendous!


  9. you are ridiculously pretty!! I still think you should get a blunt fringe :) or maybe shorter hair cut? I don't know! You have really lovely hair though xx


Thank-you for the comment, I enjoy reading every one of them XOXO